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The Letter Was Posted to the Address. Your Stand is Beyond All Reason. How Do You Deal with Friend Who Doesn'T Listen to a Reason? My Wife Runs Profitable Business in this Suburb. - English Language



Identify the incorrect sentence/ sentences.

  1. The letter was posted to the address.
  2. Your stand is beyond all reason.
  3. How do you deal with friend who doesn't listen to a reason?
  4. My wife runs profitable business in this suburb.

Select the incorrect answer using the codes given below


  • Only A

  • Only D

  • B and C

  • C and D


Options A and B are correct. But C and D are wrong constructions without correct use of articles. In option C with the friend and in option D runs a profitable business is the correct use.
Therefore option C and D is the right answer.

Concept: Incorrect/Correct Sentences (Entrance Exams)
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