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The Lateral Surface Area of a Hollow Cylinder is 4224 Cm2. It is Cut Along Its Height and Formed a Rectangular Sheet of Width 33 Cm. Find the Perimeter of Rectangular Sheet? - Mathematics

The lateral surface area of a hollow cylinder is 4224 cm2. It is cut along its height and formed a rectangular sheet of width 33 cm. Find the perimeter of rectangular sheet?

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A hollow cylinder is cut along its height to form a rectangular sheet.

Area of cylinder = Area of rectangular sheet

4224 cm2 = 33 cm × Length

Length = `(4224 cm^2)/ (33 cm) = 128 cm`

Thus, the length of the rectangular sheet is 128 cm.

Perimeter of the rectangular sheet = 2 (Length + Width)

= [2 (128 + 33)] cm

= (2 × 161) cm

= 322 cm

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NCERT Class 8 Maths Textbook
Chapter 11 Mensuration
Exercise 11.3 | Q 8 | Page 186
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