The Jam mu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by the .Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Amit Shah. When did this act of Parliament receive the assent of the President? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The Jam mu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by the .Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Amit Shah. When did this act of Parliament receive the assent of the President?


  • August 09, 2019 

  • August 06, 2019

  • August 08, 2019 

  • August 05, 2019



August 09, 2019


The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019, is an act of the Indian parliament that contains provisions for reconstituting the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is administered by India. which the President of India assented to and signed on August 9, 2019, after it was passed on August 5, 2019.

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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The Government of India Act, 1935, envisaged the introduction of 

Choose the most appropriate option.
The Union Cabinet has recently approved the setting up of a Permanent Tribunal for resolving:

Choose the most appropriate option:

Which day is celebrated as "World Consumer Rights Day"?

Choose the most appropriate option:

The "Paris Agreement" was adopted in the twenty-first session of Conference of Parties in the month of:

Mark the best option:
The committee headed by Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog, was set up to look at easing the policy regime for ___________players, including the rules for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which platform has been launched by the Union Government on the occasion of the 2018 International Women’s Day?

This country has voted against a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution on the use of the death penalty.

The name of the joint venture that was announced between Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and S&P Dow Jones is?

Who heads the Niti aayog as its chairperson?

The number of representatives of the Rajya Sabha from states and union territories is among which one of the following?

As per the report of the US, which country name is removed from the currency monitoring list?

Which of the following are the exclusive powers of Rajya Sabha under the Constitution of India?

  1. Creation of new All India Services.
  2. Enable Parliament to enact law on a subject in State List.
  3. Enforcing proclamation of emergency when Lok Sabha is dissolved.

Article 1 of the Indian Constitution defines India as

The pattern of Centre-State relations in India can be traced back to 

Identify the main principle on which the Parliamentary system operates?

In India, women were allowed to contest the election and to public offices for the first time in

The constitutional advisor to the Constituent Assembly was

For transfer of an accused person from a foreign State to India  for any offense within India or relating to India is done

Whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not is certified by the____  and his decision is conclusive.

Dealing with the chapter of citizenship under the  Constitution, the Supreme Court has held that Sonia Gandhi,  the President of Congress (I) is not an Italian citizen, but is  an Indian citizen because she is governed by

Article ______ of the Constitution of India deals with freedom to manage religious affairs.

The ______ states that no woman shall be arrested after sunset and before sunrise except under exceptional circumstances.

Which Article of the Constitution of India directs the State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people?

Who was the first and only acting PM of India?

Who acts as the President of India when both, the President and the Vice-President are unavailable?

Who was the first Governor-General of independent India?

A revised version of the 'India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement' was adopted by the two countries under which amendment to the Constitution of India?

Which among the following former Soviet Union Republics is not a NATO member?

Swaraj Party was the outcome of which among the following incidents?

How many countries are part of the NATO Alliance?


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