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The Ion of an Element Has 3 Positive Charges. the Mass Number of Atom of this Element is 27 and the Number of Neutrons is 14. What is the Number of Electrons in the Ion? - Science


The ion of an element has 3 positive charges. The mass number of atom of this element is 27 and the number of neutrons is 14. What is the number of electrons in the ion?


  • 13

  • 10

  • 14

  • 16

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Mass number of the element = 27
Number of neutrons = 14
Number of protons = mass number – number of  neutrons
= 27 – 14 = 13
As the ion of this element has 3 positive charges,  it means that it has lost 3 electrons. Therefore, there are now 10 electrons in the ion.

Concept: Concept of Electron
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Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Chemistry - Science Part 2
Chapter 4 Structure of the Atom
Multiple Choice Questions | Q 68 | Page 194
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