The Investment (In Ten Crores of Rupees) of Life Insurance Corporation of India in Different Sectors Are Given Below: - Mathematics

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Answer in Brief

The investment (in ten crores of rupees) of Life Insurance Corporation of India in different sectors are given below:

Sectors Investment
(in ten crores of rupees)
Central Government Securities
State Government Securities
Securities guaranteed by the Government
Private Sectors
Socially oriented sectors (Plans)
Socially oriented sectors (Non-Plan)

Represent the above data with the help of bar graph.

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To represent the given data by a vertical bar graph, we first draw horizontal and vertical axes. Let us consider that the horizontal and vertical axes represent the sectors and the investment in ten Crores of rupees respectively. We have to draw 6 bars of different lengths given in the table.

At first we mark 6 points in the horizontal axis at equal distances and erect rectangles of the same width at these points. The heights of the rectangles are proportional to the investments of Life Insurance Corporation of India.

The vertical bar graph of the given data is following:

The short forms used in the graph are

(a) C.G.S. : Central Government Securities

(b) S.G.S. : State Government Securities

(c) S.G.G. : Securities Guaranteed by Government

(d) P.S. : Private Sectors

(e) S.O.S.(P) : Socially Oriented Sectors (Plan)

(f) S.O.S.(NP) : Socially Oriented Sectors (Non-Plan)

Concept: Graphical Representation of Data
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 23 Graphical Representation of Statistical Data
Exercise 23.2 | Q 14 | Page 27

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