The introduction of local self-government in the modem period of India is associated with the administration of - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The introduction of local self-government in the modem period of India is associated with the administration of


  •  Lord Ripon

  • Lord Irwin

  • Lord Dufferin

  • Lord Canning



 Lord Ripon

Concept: History Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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Who among the following resigned from the membership of the Viceroy’s Executive Council as a protest against Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

The Kailash temple at Ellora was built by the

In which region of India was the Suharawadi order of Sufism popular?

Who among the following introduced the famous Persian festival of Nauroj in India?

Which of the following battles was fought in AD 1192?

Who was the founder-editor of the famous newspaper Kesari during the National struggle?

 Sir Charles Wood's Despatch of 1854 dealt with

 Which of the following sought to change the character of Indian Government from unitary to federal?

Poona Pact was signed between

Who founded the Banaras Hindu University?

Ancient Treatise on law

Khilafat movement was organized

Indian who played a very important role in the World Communist  Movement?

The deity most praised in Rigveda is

Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of 'Sijda'?

Lumbini is the place where the Buddha

When was the First World War declared?

India's Imperial Capital was officially shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in

Which of the following statements are correct with regard to the Indus Valley Civilisation?
I. The people of this civilisation were the earliest to make use of cotton. 
II. They did not cremate their dead. 
III. A grid system was followed in city planning.  
IV. Stone was the chief building material.  

Who founded the Red Cross?

Who was made the Nawab of Bengal following the Battle of Plassey?

The Chalukya Dynasty ruled in Vatapi which is in the modern day Indian state of ______.

'Akbar Narna' is a ______ -volume history of Akbar's reign, written by Abul Fazl.

During the reign of which of the following Sultans of Delhi was actual power enjoyed by Balban?

Which of the following place where the Constituent Assembly met for the first time on 9th December 1946?

Who among the following was the founder of the Bhakti sect named 'Pushtimarg'?

What does the republic stand for?

Who was the first Mughal emperor?

The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka is located in which state of India?

Which among the following place is the birthplace of Humayun?


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