The Inner Diameter of a Circular Well is 3.5 M. It is 10 M Deep Find: (I) Inner Curved Surface Area. (Ii) the Cost of Plastering this Curved Surface at the Rate of Rs. `40 per M^2` - Mathematics

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The inner diameter of a circular well is 3.5 m. It is 10 m deep Find:
(i) inner curved surface area.
(ii) the cost of plastering this curved surface at the rate of Rs. `40 per m^2` 

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Inner radius (r) of circular well=1.75m 

Depth (n) of circular well =10m 

(1) Inner curved surface area = `2pirh` 




(2) Cost of plastering `1m^2` area = Rs.40. 

Cost of plastering `110m^2` area= Rs (100xx40) 


Concept: Surface Area of Cylinder
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RD Sharma Mathematics for Class 9
Chapter 19 Surface Areas and Volume of a Circular Cylinder
Exercise 19.1 | Q 8 | Page 8

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