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The Houses of Asma and Seema Face Each Other on a Road-going North-south. Asma’S House is on the Western Side, She Comes Out of Her House and Turns Left, Travels for 5 Km. - Logical Reasoning


The houses of Asma and Seema face each other on a road-going North-South. Asma’s house is on the western side, she comes out of her house and turns left, travels for 5 km. She then turns right, travels 5 km and reaches the front of Geeta’s house. Seema does exactly the same and reaches in front of Shobha’s house. In this context, which of the following statement is correct?


  • The houses of Shobha and Geeta are less than 20 km apart

  • The houses of Shobha and Geeta are 20 km apart

  • Shobha and Geeta lives in the same street

  • Geeta’s house faces South

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The houses of Shobha and Geeta are less than 20 km apart


Distance between shobha and Geeta's house:

Distance between two house = `sqrt((10)^2 + (10)^2) = 10 sqrt2` = 14.14 km

Concept: Direction and Distance Test (Entrance Exam)
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