The Highest Peak in South India is - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The highest peak in South India is


  • Doda Betta

  • Makurti

  • Anamudi

  • None of the above




Concept: Geography Current Affair (Enterance Exam)
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Choose the most appropriate option:

Mars is also known as the:

The Radcliffe line is a boundary between

Kumaran Asan is associated with the social renaissance in which among the following current states?

In a coastal city, a high tide occurs every

Which of the following rivers falls into the Arabian Sea?

The Sivasamudram Falls is on

Which of the following dams is not on the river Narmada?

Match the following

  List I   List II
A Manas 1 Hangul
B Dachigam 2 Elephant
C Mudumalai 3 Tiger
D kaziranga 4 Rhinoceros


  A B C D
(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 3 1 2 4
(c) 2 4 3 1
(d) 1 3 2 4

The State in India having dry season for only 3 to 4 months every year is

The State in India with the largest coastline is

The Sun reaches its maximum angular distance from the equator at the

The difference in the duration of the day and night increases as one move from

Halley's Comet appears once in a period of

Which of the following is the biggest?

Mist is caused by

The largest coal reserves of India are found in

How many minutes for each degree of longitude does the local time of any place vary from the Greenwich time?

The World's largest river is

If the original clay sediments are subjected to high  temperature and pressure, they successfully change into  rocks, the correct order of which is 

Which of the following is not a union territory?

The Deccan Plateau is a triangular-shaped plateau and is bounded by the ______ range in the North.

Generally, a sleep hill with an elevation of more than ______ metres is classified as a mountain.

Which country's President made an underwater speech to call for stronger action to protect oceans in 2019?

Which of the following National Highway passing through the Kaziranga National Park is imposing key threat for the wildlife?

Which famous landmark is present between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie?

Which of the following is the highest mountain in Bhutan?

What is the capital of Cuba?

Eastern West Khasi Hills district is a newly launched district in which state?

The Noida International Airport is which number international airport in Uttar Pradesh?

Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following Indian state?


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