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The Hardness of 85000 Litres of Water Sample Was Removed by Passing It Through a Zeolite Softener. the Zeolite Required 2000 Litres of Nacl Solution Containing 190 Mg/Lit of Nacl for Regeneration. - Applied Chemistry 1

Answer in Brief

The hardness of 85000 litres of water sample was removed by passing it through a zeolite softener. The zeolite required 2000 litres of NaCl solution containing 190 mg/lit of NaCl for regeneration. calculate the hardness of sample.

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1 litres of NaCl solution  = 190 mg of NaCl

∴ 2000 litres of NaCl      =  2000 x 190 gm of NaCl

                                      =  3,80,000 gm of NaCl.

Quantity of NaCl in terms of CaC03 equivalent hardness.

                                     =  3,80,000 xx 5/58.5 gm of CaC03 equivalen,

                                     =  3,24,786.3 gm ofCaC03 equivalent

                                     = 324.79 x103 gm of CaC03 equivalent

                                    = 324.79 x106 gm of CaC03 equivalent

Hardness of 85000 litres of water = 324. 79x106 gm

∴ Hardness of 1 litre  = `(324.79 xx 10^6)/85000 3821` mg/litre

∴ Hardness of water   = 3821 mg/lit

                                    = 3821 ppm.

Concept: Zeolite process and numerical problems
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