The Government of India Act, 1935, Envisaged the Introduction of - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The Government of India Act, 1935, envisaged the introduction of 


  • dyarchical form of government 

  • the federal form of government 

  • the republican form of government 

  • unitary form of government 



the federal form of government 

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which platform has been launched by the Union Government on the occasion of the 2018 International Women’s Day?

Which one of the following is true about the Planning Commission?

This country has voted against a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution on the use of the death penalty.

The number of representatives of the Rajya Sabha from states and union territories is among which one of the following?

Choose the appropriate alternative.
Scientists from which of the following countries have developed the world's first artificial intelligence politician named SAM?

If the election of the President of India is declared void by the Supreme Court, the acts performed by the President incumbent before the date of such decision of court are

The Supreme Court upheld the Mandal Commission Report in

Members of Rajaya Sabha are not associated with
1. Public Accounts Committee
2. Estimates Committee
3. Committee on Public Undertakings 

According to the Constitution, amendments cannot be  proposed in either House to

Which article of our Constitution provides that the State shall make an effective position for securing the right to work?

The Committee on Reforming Criminal Justice System in  India was headed by

A seat of an MP can be declared vacant if he absents himself  from the House for a continuous period of

The Right to Constitutional Remedies in India is available  to

While a proclamation of emergency is in aeration, the State Government

Electioneering has to stop in a constituency

The Environment Protection Act was passed by the  Parliament of India in the year:

Which of the following statements is incorrect about  Fundamental Duties under the Constitution of India? It shall be the duty of every citizen of India

Who among the following is not a former President of India?

Which Article of the Constitution of India directs the State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people?

How many members are nominated by the President of India in the Lok Sabha from the Anglo-Indian community?

Who was the first and only acting PM of India?

Who acts as the President of India when both, the President and the Vice-President are unavailable?

The Jam mu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by the .Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Amit Shah. When did this act of Parliament receive the assent of the President?

A revised version of the 'India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement' was adopted by the two countries under which amendment to the Constitution of India?

As per the Constitution of India, which of the following is NOT an eligibility criteria for the appointment of a State Governor?

Swaraj Party was the outcome of which among the following incidents?

How many countries are part of the NATO Alliance?


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