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The Frequency of the Sound Emitted by the Loudspeaker is 1020 Hz. Calculate the Wavelength of the Sound Wave in Air in Cm Where Its Velocity is 340 M/S. - Science

Short Note

The frequency of the sound emitted by the loudspeaker is 1020 Hz. Calculate the wavelength of the sound wave in air in cm where its velocity is 340 m/s.

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We have to find the wavelength of the sound wave. We have frequency and velocity of sound wave.
We know the relation between velocity, frequency, and wavelength `lambda = v/f`,
where ν is the velocity, f the frequency, and λ the wavelength.
`lambda = 340/1020` m
= 0.33 m

Therefore, wavelength of the sound wave is 33.3 cm.

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 5 Sound
Short Answers | Q 58 | Page 186
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