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The Formula –G Mm(1/R2– 1/R1) is More/Less Accurate than the Formula Mg(R2– R1) for the Difference of Potential Energy Between Two Points R2and R1distance Away from the Centre of the Earth. - Physics

Choose the correct alternative:

The formula –G Mm(1/r2– 1/r1) is more/less accurate than the formula mg(r2– r1) for the difference of potential energy between two points r2and r1distance away from the centre of the earth.

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Gravitational potential energy of two points r2 and r1 distance away from the centre of the Earth is respectively given by:

`V(r_1) = -(GmM)/r_1`

`V(r_2) =-(GmM)/r_2`

∴ Different in potential energy , `V = V(r_2) - V(r_1) = -GmM(1/r_2 - 1/r_1)`

Hence this formula is more accurate than the formula `mg(r_2-r_1)`

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 8 Gravitation
Q 2.4 | Page 201
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