The Following Table Shows the Percentages of Demands for Different Fruits Registered with a Fruit Vendor. Show the Information by a Pie Diagram. - Algebra

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The following table shows the percentages of demands for different fruits registered with a fruit vendor. Show the information by a pie diagram.

Fruits Mango Sweet lime Apples Cheeku Oranges
Percentages of demand 30 15 25 20 10
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The measures of central angles are given  in the table.

Fruits Percentages of demand Central Angle
Mango 30
\[\frac{30}{100} \times 360 = 108^\circ\]
Sweet lime 15
\[\frac{15}{100} \times 360 = 54^\circ\]
Apples 25
\[\frac{25}{100} \times 360 = 90^\circ\]
Cheeku 20
\[\frac{20}{100} \times 360 = 72^\circ\]
Oranges 10
\[\frac{10}{100} \times 360 = 36^\circ\]
Total 100  

The pie digram showing the above data is given below:

Concept: Concept of Pie Graph (Or a Circle-graph)
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Balbharati Mathematics 1 Algebra 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Statistics
Practice Set 6.6 | Q 4 | Page 164
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