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The Following Table Shows the Electronic Configuration of the Elements W, X, Y, Z: What Type of Bond is Formed Between and What is the Formula of the Compound Formed Between - Chemistry

The following table shows the electronic configuration of the elements W, X, Y, Z:

Element w x y z
2, 8, 1 2, 8, 7 2, 5 1

Answer the following questions based on the table above:

1) What type of Bond is formed between :

a) W and X

b) Y and Z

2) What is the formula of the compound formed between :

a) X and Z

b) W and X

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1.a)Ionic bond is formed by transfer of one electron from element W to element X

1.b) Covalent bond is formed by sharing of electrons between elements Y and Z.

2.a) HCl

2.b) NaCl

Concept: Periodicity on the Basis of Atomic Number for Elements
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