The Following Question is Based on the Information Given Below. 'P X Q' Means 'P is the Father of Q' 'P - Q' Means 'P is the Sister of Q'. 'P + Q' Means 'P is the Mother of Q'. 'P +Q' Means 'P is the - Logical Reasoning


The following question is based on the information given below.

  1. 'P x Q' means 'P is the father of Q'
  2. 'P - Q' means 'P is the sister of Q'.
  3. 'P + Q' means 'P is the mother of Q'.
  4. 'P +Q' means 'P is the brother of Q'

Which of the following represents 'R is the niece of M'?


  • M ÷ K x T - R

  • M - J + R - N

  • R - M x T ÷ W

  • None of the above



M - J + R - N
From option M ÷ K x T - R,

Option M ÷ K x T - R does not clarify the gender of R.
Hence, we cannot say R is the niece of M.
Now, option M - J + R - N,

R is the niece of M.

Concept: Blood Relationships (Entrance Exam)
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There are six persons A, B, C, D, E, and F. C is the sister of F. B is the brother of E’s husband. D is the father of A and grandfather of F. There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother in the group.

Who is E’s husband?

The son of M is the father of N and grandfather (Mother's father) of R. s is the daughter of N and sister of B. On the basis of this information, how is M related to B?

Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.
Mr. and Mrs. Shah have two children Arti and Saurabh. Saurabh married Ritu, daughter of Mr. Mehra. Shakti, son of Mrs. Mehramarries Reena. Subash and Rishabh are born to Shakti and Reena. Mukti and Shruti are the daughters of Saurabh and Ritu. How is Shakti related to Shruti?

Choose the most appropriate option for the following question.

When Ravi saw Ramesh, he recalled, ‘He is the son of the father of my daughter’. Who is Ramesh?

Indicating to a photo, Mukesh said that this Man’s son is my father’s son. Who was there in the photo?

Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law." How is the woman's husband related to the man in the photograph ?

Read the following information and answer the questions given below.

Anita is the niece of Prateek's mother. Anita's mother is Prateek's aunt. Rohan is. Anita's mother's brother. Rohan's mother is Anita's grandmother. From this information, deduce the relationship between

Rohan's mother is ______of Anita's mother.

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a joint family of seven persons L, M, N, O, P, Q and R, two are married couple. ‘R’ is a housewife and her husband is a lawyer. ‘N’ is the wife of ‘M’,‘L’ is an engineer and is the grand-daughter of ‘R’ and ‘O’ is the father-in-law of 'N', a doctor, and father of P a professor. ‘Q’ is L’s brother and M’s son.

How is Q related to O?

Pihu and Aayan are the children of Mrs. & Mr. Sharma. Riya and Shankar are the children of Mrs. & Mr. Kumar. Aayan and Riya are married to each other and have two daughter Mona and Shona. Shankar is married to Leena and they have two children Rohit and Ruchi. How is Pihu related to Shona?

In a family, there are seven persons, comprising two married couples. F1 is the son of F2 and the grandson of F3. F2 is a widower. F2 and F4 are brothers and F5 is the daughter-in-law of F6, who is the mother of F4 and the grandmother of F7 How is F7 related to F2

Pointing towards a girl, Anurag says, "This girl is the daughter of the only child of my father". What is the relation of Anurag's wife with the girl?

Raghu and Babu are twins. Babu's sister is Reema. Reema's husband is Rajan. Raghu's mother is Lakshmi. Lakshmi's husband is Rajesh. How is Rajesh related to Rajan?

Read the following information carefully and answer the question :
Sunita, Rahul, and Suraj are children of Mrs. and Mr. Ahuja. Rani, Rohan, and Shyam are children of Mrs. and Mr. Malik. Shyam and Sunita are married and Arjun and Sohan are their children. Gunjan and Romesh are children of Mrs. and Mr. Gandhi. Gunjan is married to Suraj and has three children named Rupali, Sonu, and Ravi.

How is Rahul related to Arjun?

Pointing to a man on the stage, Mrs. X said, "He is the brother of the daughter of the wife of my husband". How is the man related to Mrs. X?

Mr. A meets Mr. B, B is the father of a son C and a daughter D, E is the mother of A. C is married and has one son. E is the daughter-in-law of B. How is A related to B?

Suppose X is the husband of Y and W is the daughter of X. Again, Z is the husband of W and N is the daughter of Z. The relationship of N to Y is

Marc is Robin's mother's father. Marc has three brothers. One of them has a grandson Anurag. Krish is the son of Anurag. Krish is related to Robin as

A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is the girls.

Pointing to a woman, Naman said, "She is the daughter of the only child of my grandmother." How is the woman related to Naman?

Pointing out to a lady, a girl said, "She is the daughter-in-law of the grandmother of my father's only son' How is the lady related to the girl?

A family consists of a husband and wife, their three sons and two daughters, and three wives of three sons. How many females are in this family?

If A is the father of B and B is the father of C, then how is C related to A?

If Ram is the brother of the son of Mohan, then how is Ram related to Mohan?

T is son of R who is daughter-in-law of K. who is father of S, who is father of N, who is brother of T. How K is related to T?

Pointing to a lady in a photograph, Meera said, "Her father's only son's wife is my mother-in-law". How is Meera's husband related to that lady in the photo?

Pointing to a boy, Richa said, "He is the son of the wife of my grandmother's grandson". How is the boy related to Richa's mother?

Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow:

(i) 'A × B' means 'A is father of B'

(ii) 'A + B' means 'A is daughter of B'

(iii) 'A + B' means 'A is the mother of B'

(iv) 'A – B'. means 'A is brother of B"

Which of the following means that R is wife of P?

Ram is brother of Shyam, Mohan is father of Ram, Sohan is the brother of Radhika, Radhika is the daughter of Shyam. Who is the paternal uncle of Sohan?


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