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The Following Question Has Two Statements P and Q. They May Look Factually Absurd. You Have to Ignore this Absurdly and Concentrate Only Upon the Logic Involved in Its Statement. - Logical Reasoning



The following question has two statements P and Q. They may look factually absurd. You have to ignore this absurdly and concentrate only upon the logic involved in its statement.
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 P: Jackals live in forests. Cities are in forests. Therefore jackals live in cities.
Q: Some tables are grass. All stools are grass. Therefore all tables are stools.


  • if both P and Q are true. 

  • if both P and Q are false or doubtful. 

  • if P is true and Q is false or doubtful. 

  • if P is false or doubtful and Q is true. 


if both P and Q are false or doubtful. 

Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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