The Following is the Illustration of the Sequence of Ovarian Events (a − i) in a Human Female - Biology

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Answer in Brief

The following is the illustration of the sequence of ovarian events (a − i) in a human female

(i) Identify the figure that illustrates ovulation and mention the stage of oogenesis it represents.

(ii) Name the ovarian hormone and the pituitary hormone that have caused the above mentioned event.

(iii) Explain the changes that occur in the uterus simultaneously in anticipation.

(iv) Write the difference between ‘c’ and ‘h’.

(v) Draw a labeled sketch of the structure of a human ovum prior to fertilization.

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(i) Figure 'f' illustrates ovulation. It represents the ovulatory stage of oogenesis.

(ii) Progesterone is the ovarian hormone released during ovulation. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH) are the pituitary hormone released during ovulation.

(iii) In anticipation of receiving the fertilised egg, the endometrium of the uterus gets thickened and also the blood supply to the endometrium increases.

(iv) In the figure, (c) stage represents the secondary follicle and the (h) stage represents the degenerating corpus luteum.

Secondary follicle

Corpus luteum

It is Surrounded by layers of granulosa cells

Layers of granulosa cells absent

Presence of theca layer

No theca layer is present

(v) Labeled diagram of the human ovum prior to fertilization.

Concept: Gametogenesis
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Chapter 2 Human Reproduction
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