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The Following Figure Shows a Small Wheel Fixed Coaxially on a Bigger One of Double the Radius. the System Rotates About the Common Axis - Physics

Fill in the Blanks

The following figure shows a small wheel fixed coaxially on a bigger one of double the radius. The system rotates about the common axis. The strings supporting A and B do not slip on the wheels. If x and y be the distance travelled by A and B in the same time interval, then _________ .


  • x = 2y

  • x = y

  • y = 2x

  • None of these

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y = 2x


It is given that angular velocity is same for both the wheels.

Therefore, we have

vA = \[\omega\] R

vB =\[\omega\]2R

x = vAt = \[\omega\]Rt ............(1)

y = vBt = \[\omega\](2R)t ..............(2)

From equations (1) and (2), we get

y = 2x

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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 10 Rotational Mechanics
MCQ | Q 5 | Page 193
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