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The Following Figure Represents a Solid Consisting of a Right Circular Cylinder with a Hemisphere at One End and a Cone at the Other. this Common Radius is 7 Cm. the Height of the Cylinder and Cone Are Each of 4 Cm. Find the Volume of the Solid - Mathematics

The following figure represents a solid consisting of a right circular cylinder with a hemisphere at one end and a cone at the other. This common radius is 7 cm. The height of the cylinder and cone are each of 4 cm. Find the volume of the solid.

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The volume of solid = Volume of cone + Volume of cylinder + Volume of the hemisphere.

Volume of cone = `(pir^2h)/3 = (22xx7xx7xx4)/(7xx3) = 616/3 cm^3`

Volume of cylinder = `pir^2h = (22xx7xx7xx4)/7 = 616 cm^3`

Volume of hemisphere = `2/3pir^3 = (2xx22xx7xx7xx7)/(3xx7)  =2156/3 cm^3`

Total volume = `616/3 + 616 + 2156/3 = 1540  cm^3`

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