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The Following Diagram Demonstrates a Physiological Process Taking Place in Green Plants. the Whole Set up Was Placed in Bright Sunlight for Several Hours. Study the Diagram and Answer the Questions that Follow - Biology

The following diagram demonstrates a physiological process taking place in green plants. The whole set up was placed in bright sunlight for several hours. Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow

(i) What aspect of the physiological process is being examined?
(ii) Explain the physiological process mentioned in (i) above.
(iii) Label the parts numbered 1 and 2 in the diagram.
(iv) Write a well-balanced chemical equation for the physiological process explained in (ii) above.
(v) What would happen to the rate of bubbling of the gas if a pinch of sodium bicarbonate is added to the water in the beaker? Explain your answer.


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(i) Release of oxygen during photosynthesis
(ii) The physiological process in question is photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs in green plants (autotrophs). It is the process by which plants prepare carbohydrates and oxygen in the presence of sunlight, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll.

1: Gas/Oxygen
2: Hydrilla

(iv) 6CO2+12H2O `"Sunlight"/"Chlorophyll"` C6H12O6+6H2O+6O2

(v) The rate of bubbling will increase.

Concept: Photosynthesis
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