The Following Can Be Patented - Legal Reasoning


The following can be patented


  • Machine

  • Process

  • Composition of matter

  • All of the above



All of the above

Concept: Study of Law (Entrance Exams)
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Direction: The passage given below is followed by a set of question. Choose the most appropriate answer to each question.

In India the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the apex food regulator. It is empowered by and functions under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI implements and enforces food regulations as prescribed in the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act). The FSS Act is an Act of Parliament, popularly known as the Food Act. Previous to the FSS Act there were a number of food legislations. All these have been consolidated into a homogenous whole in the FSS Act. The regulations of the FSS Act became effective in 2011 with FSSAI as its regulatory body. Though the Act continues to evolve it needs to be further harmonized with standards of international agencies for global parity.

New Draft Regulations have been formulated by FSSAI. Of special interest is Section 22 of the FSS Act, which deals with "Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Novel Foods and Health Supplements." For the first time regulations have been proposed for this category of foods. If these products propound nutritional or medicinal benefits they need to have sound scientific evidence. The products must not contain either steroids or psychotropic drugs. Ingredients like vitamins and minerals must conform to the recommended dietary allowances for Indians, as proposed by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Organic and Traditional foods also do not require product approval as they are being consumed for centuries in India. The ingredients and preparation methods are well known and this guarantees their safety. If, however, traditional and organic foods use any new ingredients or food additive or new technologies in preparation, they need product approval.

Foods Imported into India have to follow the FSS Act, Rules & Regulations If the food articles are standardized, the importer only needs an FSSAI license to import them. The importer also needs to comply with FSSAI regulations for sale and distribution of the food products.

The existing process of product approval for the food articles governed under Section 22 of the FSS Act has been discontinued as updated on August 26, 2015 by FSSAI in response to the ruling by Honorable Supreme Court of India. The regulations on such food products are expected soon and the product approval may be reintroduced through a regulation.

These are exciting times for food safety regulations in India. The recent proposals mentioned in the new Draft Regulations will soon be finalized to become the new Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2015. They will provide new directives in areas such as nutraceuticals and health supplements, which is the need of the hour as these are becoming popular food categories. Standardization for thousands of foods is on the anvil. Food business operators are certainly anticipating some positive changes in food regulations, which could ease product approval process and food operations.

A harmonization of Indian food standards with global standards is a step in the right direction.

How the de-operationalized Section 22 of the FSS Act by the Honorable Supreme Court of India be revived?

Principle: Intentional application of force to another person is actionable in law.

Facts: 'P' and 'D' are unknown to each other. When 'P' is about to sit on a chair, 'D' intentionally pulls it away as a result of which 'P' falls on to the floor and is injured.

Choose the most appropriate option:

'alibi' means a plea by an accused person that he

Choose the most appropriate option:

'obiter dicta' means-

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Animus posssidendi’ means:

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Bona vacantia

Legal phrase is followed by four meanings. Choose the most appropriate option:

Faux pas

Mark the best option:
Joint heirs to a property are called -

Mark the best option:
‘Res Judicata’ is a term used to describe -

Examine the Statement and Conclusions given below and choose a suitable answer from the options given:

Statement: Necessity knows no law.


1. The act of a captain throwing some cargo into the ocean to save the ship from sinking is justified by the principle.
2. The act of a man out of poverty and starvation stealing some food from a hotel is justified by the principle.
3. The act of a tourist killing a tiger when it was attacking a villager is justified by the principle.

Mark the best option:
Forum non-convenience means –

Mark the best option:
Caveat emptor means –

Symbol of Maharaja of Air India is

Which of the following is not a category of copyright work in the CDPA?

The payment of wages Act is applicable to _________

In the case of railways, a person nominated by the _______________ for the specified area shall be liable for the payment of the wage to the employees.

In the case of industrial or other establishments, person responsibility of __________ shall be liable for the payment of the wage to employees employed by him.

As per Payment of Wages Act, the wages must be paid on _______________ day

The question consists of two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and other as Reason (R). You have to examine the two statements carefully and select the best option.

Assertion: Every person should have the freedom of speech and expression.

Reason: If a person is stopped from speaking then mankind will lose the truth.

Fill in the blanks: Choose the pair of words which complete the sentence to make logical sense.

The _____________ Legislative assembly on 31st March 2015 passed a controversial Anti-Terrorism Law. Earlier, the passed bill was rejected two times by the then ____________ in 2004 and 2008


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