The First International Women'S Day Was Celebrated on - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


The First International Women's Day was celebrated on


  • 17.3.1911

  • 8.3.1911

  • 18.3.1911

  • 19.3.1911




Concept: Static General Knowledge (Entrance Exam)
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War on Terrorism or American Strategy for Global Dominance" is authored by which of the following authors?

Choose the most appropriate option:

A Japanese maglev, which is the fastest passenger train in the world, has broken its own record in 2015. The train reached ____________kmph in the test run.

The discipline that deals with map-making are known as

Who invented a mechanical calculator called Pascaline?

Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched

  Country National Emblem
(a) Pakistan Crescent
(b) Canada White Lily
(c) Australia Kangaroo
(d) USA Lotus

The first person to travel twice to space is

Who among the following was the first woman chief justice of a High Court?

 The World's first hydrogen powered tramcar has rolled off in which country?

Who among the following has not won an Oscar? 

The first Indian to get a medal at the World Boxing  Championship was

The country that recently joined the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation was

Red Cross is an international society for the relief of suffering in  the time of war or disaster which has headquarters at Geneva was founded in 1863 on the advocacy of

The Supreme Court recently declared the appointment honest of

The book titled ‘The Google Story’ has been authored by

Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was a national of

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act  (MGNREGA) completed how many years of operation in  2011?

Who allocates portfolios among the Ministers?

Who is the founder of Facebook?

Who has become the highest wicket-taker in International Cricket in 2018?

Which of the following countries has quit the membership of UNESCO?


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