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The First and the Last Sentences Are Placed Correctly, Arrange the Remaining Sentences to Form a Logical Sequence and Then Choose the Correct Option. 1. Horses and Communism Were, on the Whole, a Poor - English Language

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The first and the last sentences are placed correctly, arrange the remaining sentences to form a logical sequence and then choose the correct option.
1. Horses and communism were, on the whole, a poor match.

  1. Fine horses bespoke the nobility the party was supposed to despise.
  2. Communist leaders, when they visited villages, preferred to see cows and pigs.
  3. Although a working horse was just about tolerable the communists were right to be wary.
  4. Peasants from Poland to the Hungarian Pustza preferred their horses to party dogma.

6.“A farmer’s pride is his horse; his cow may be thin but his horse must be fat”, went a Slovak saying


  • ACDB

  • DBCA

  • ABCD

  • DCBA

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 A gives the reason why communists despised horses in 1. What they preferred instead is given in B. C makes allowances and D6 presents the alternate view.
The correct sequence A-B-C-D.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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