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The First (δ1h1) and the Second (δ1h2) Ionization Enthalpies (In Kj Mol-1) and the (δEgh) Electron Gain Enthalpy (In Kj Mol-1) of a Few Elements Which of the Above Elements is Likely to Be the Least Reactive Non-metal. - Chemistry

The first (Δ1H1) and the second (Δ1H2) ionization enthalpies (in kJ mol-1) and the (ΔegH) electron gain enthalpy (in kJ mol-1) of a few elements are given below:

Elements Δ1H1 Δ1H2 ΔegH
I 520 7300 -60
II 419 3051 -48
III 1681 3374 -328
IV 1008 1846 -295
V 2372 5251 +48
VI 738 1451 -40

Which of the above elements is likely to be the least reactive non-metal.

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Element V is likely to be the least reactive non–metal since it has a very high first ionization enthalpy (Δ1H2) and a positive electron gain enthalpy (ΔegH).

Concept: Periodic Trends and Chemical Reactivity
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Q 31.4 | Page 94
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