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The Figure Shows a Diagrammatic Representation of the Movement of Certain Substances Inside the Stem of a Certain Plant. Write Five Sentences on Whatever You Can Explain About the Processes - Biology

Short Note

The figure shows a diagrammatic representation of the movement of certain substances inside the stem of a certain plant. Write five sentences on whatever you can explain about the processes or the arrangement of structures indicated in the diagram.
Note: - Each sentence must include one or more of the following four words, and each word can be used several times. Xylem, phloem, roots, leaves.

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(i) Plants absorb water by their roots.
(ii) Roots supply water to the stem and leaves of the plant.
(iii) In root hairs, the xylem is not fully mature and the endodermis and epidermis are permeable to water.
(iv) Water is absorbed by the plants through xylem in all directions.
(v) The food on the other hand is transported with the help of phloem.

Concept: Water Absorption by the Root
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 4 Absorption by Roots
Exercise | Q 7 | Page 50
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