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The Figure Given Below Represents the Vertical Section of a Leaf. ( I) Name the Parts Labeled 1 to 5. ( Ii ) What Do the Two Arrows (Dotted and Solid) Indicate in the Daytime - Biology

Answer in Brief

The figure given below represents the vertical section of a leaf.
( i) Name the parts labeled 1 to 5.
( ii ) What do the two arrows (dotted and solid) indicate in the daytime and at night?
( iii) Could you add one more arrow in the figure? If yes, what for?
( iv) How many leaf veins have been shown in this section?

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(i) 1 - Upper Epidermis; 2 - Palisade layer / chloroplast; 3 - Xylem; 4 - Phloem; 5 - Guard cell
(ii) The two arrows show the release of oxygen and water vapours during the daytime and carbon dioxide and very less amount of oxygen is released during the night.
(iii) Yes, one more arrow can be added to show the absorption of carbon dioxide by the leaf.
(iv) One vein has been shown in this section.

Concept: Photosynthesis - Food Making Process in Plants
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 6 Photosynthesis
Exercise | Q 6 | Page 74
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