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The Figure Given Alongside Shows the Human Male Reproductive Organs. Which Structures Make Sperms and Seminal Fluid? (A) V Makes Sperms and X Makes Seminal Fluid (B) W Makes Sperms and Y Makes Seminal Fluid (C) X Makes Sperms and W Makes Seminal Fluid (D) Y Makes Sperms and V Makes Seminal Fluid - Science

The figure given alongside shows the human male reproductive organs. Which structures make sperms and seminal fluid?
(a) V makes sperms and X makes seminal fluid
(b) W makes sperms and Y makes seminal fluid
(c) X makes sperms and W makes seminal fluid
(d) Y makes sperms and V makes seminal fluid

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(d) Y makes sperms and V makes seminal fluid
Y represents the testes that produce sperms and V represents the prostrate gland that produces seminal fluid.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 3 How do Organisms Reproduce?
Q 71 | Page 172
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