The fifth general election to Lok Sabha was held in ______ - Political Science

Fill in the Blanks

The fifth general election to Lok Sabha was held in ______ 


  • October 1970

  • November 1970

  • January 1971

  • February 1971



The fifth general election to Lok Sabha was held in February 1971.

Concept: Congress Victory in 1971 Elections
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Who were Dalit Panthers? Describe their main activities.

  Column 'A'   Column 'B'
a Acharya Narendra Dev 1 Bharatiya Jana Sangh
b A. K. Gopalan 2 Indian National Congress
c Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 3 Praja Socialist Party
d Deen Dayal Upadhyaya 4 Communist Party of India (M)

What were the factors which led to the popularity of Indira Gandhi’s Government in the early 1970s?

Read the passage and answer the questions below :-

“… Indira Gandhi changed the Congress into highly centralised and undemocratic party organisation, from the earlier federal, democratic and ideological formation that Nehru had led. … But this … could not have happened had not Indira Gandhi changed the entire nature of politics. This new, populist politics turned political ideology … into a mere electoral discourse, use of various slogans not meant to be translated into government policies…. During its great electoral victories in early 1970s, amidst the celebration, the Congress party as a political organisation died........... —Sudipta Kaviraj

(a) What according to the author is the difference between the strategies of Nehru and Indira Gandhi?

(b) Why does the author say that the Congress party ‘died’ in the seventies?

(c) In what way, did the change in the Congress party affect other political parties also?

In the 1971 General Election, the opposition parties formed an alliance against congress. Identify the alliance.

Describe any four steps taken by Indira Gandhi to remove poverty.


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