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The Farmers Grow Food for the Whole Country and Therefore It is Our Duty to Improve Their Lot. Yet These Fellows Are Exploited by the Rich. Hence They Are the Most Useful Members of the Society. - English Language


The constituent sentences of a passage have been jumbled up. Read jumbled sentences carefully and then choose the option which shows the best sequence of sentences of the passage.

  1. The farmers grow food for the whole country
  2. And therefore it is our duty to improve their lot.
  3. Yet these fellows are exploited by the rich.
  4. Hence they are the most useful members of the society.
    The best sequence is:


  • ii, i, iv, iii 

  • i, iv, ii, iii

  • i, iv, iii, ii

  • ii, iv, i, iii

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i, iv, iii, ii is the correct option.

Concept: Para-jumbles (Entrance Exam)
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