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The Exact Words of the Prime Minister: "I Shall Lead this Great Country on the Path of Peace and Prosperity. Not Only That, but I Assure You that I Will Lower Truces - English Core

Answer in Brief

The exact words of the Prime Minister: "I shall lead this great country on the path of peace and prosperity. Not only that, but I assure you that I will lower truces and do everything in my power to reduce inflation."

[Situation: A newsreader reports the words of the Prime Minister on the radio.] "The new Prime Minister said that he would lead the country on the path of peace and prosperity. He also promised to lower taxes and reduce inflation."

Working in pairs, note the changes the newsreader made while reporting the PM's speech.

Fill in the table below.

Reporting Verbs Used Changes in Other Words
1. ________ i _________ a)______b)_____
2. __________ Shall ___________

Now do the same with this situation. The following is a conversation that took place between Neeta and Shobhna (in the presence of Shobhna's  mother) last week.

Neeta: Can I borrow Rs. 25? I have lost all my money on the bus this morning. Shobhna : But you asked me for a loan last week as well, you haven1t repaid that yet. Sorry, But I can't lend you any more.

Imagine, it is now nezt week. Shobhna's mother talks about it to her husband in her own words.

"Neeta came in last week and asked Shobhna if she could borrow twenty five rupees. She explained she had lost all her money on the bus that morning. Shobhna reminded Neeta that she had asked her for a loan the previous week as well, and still hadn't repaid it. So she decided she couldn't lend Neeta any more."

Reporting verbs used Changes in other words Any other changes




I _________

Have ________

Me _________


Last week ________

Yet _________

Can't __________

In the indirect speec above 'If' was added because







Read the exact words of Mrs. Bhattacharya, a resident of Park Street, Kolkata.

"Where do the two of you live? You shouldn't make such a noise in the street. If you do it again, I'll have to complain to the police. So, be careful."

  • Now think of a situation in which Mrs. Bhattacharya has to report what she said to somebody but not exactly as she has said above (eg. to a neighbour.)

Situation ______________________

  • Now report Mrs. Bhattacharya'& words. Remember: You can decide whether to use direct or indirect speech forms.



  • Work with your partner. Read the following. Decide on a likely situation in which what was said has been repeated. Then use your imagination and recreate the original ("direct") speech.

Everyone at the hospital looked after me very well. As soon as I arrived, a nurse asked me how I felt. Then she asked me where I lived and whether she could contact my parents. I explained that you were out today, so she couldn't contact you. After that she asked me how that accident had happened and I said I didn't know.

Situation ______________________

Direct speach (in dialogue form) _____________


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Reporting Verbs Used Changes in Other Words
1. Said i -  a) The new Prime minister b) he
2. Promised Shall - would


Reporting verbs used Changes in other words Any other changes
  1.  - came
  2.  -  asked
  3.  - explained
  4. -  reminded
  5.  - decided




I - she

Have - had

Me  - her

my -her

Last week - the previous week

Yet - still

Can't - could't

In the indirect speec above 'If' was added because the reported speech

is in

interrogative form 

biginnig with 'can'





  • Situation. Mrs Bhattacharya reports this to her husband.


  • When two boys were making a loud noise, (Mrs Bhattacharya) I asked them where they lived. I advised them not to make such a noise. Then I warned them to be careful as if they did it again, I would have to complain to the police.


Situation  - . A boy telling his parents about an accident he had met that day, and how he was treated in the hospital.

Direct speech (in dialogue form)

Nurse : How do you feel?
Boy : i am feeling nervous.
Nurse : Where do you live ? Can I contact your parents ?
Boy : i live in Model Town. You can’t contact my parents because they are out today.
Nurse : Do you know how this accident happened?
Boy : i don’t know anything about it.

Concept: Writing Skill
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative Work Book (Interact in English)
Chapter 13 Reported Speech (Integrated Grammar practice 8)
Exercise B | Q 2 | Page 251
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