The Evergreen Rain Forests in Brazil Are Rightly Called in ‘Lungs of the World’. - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Give geographical reason for the following:

The evergreen rain forests in Brazil are rightly called in ‘Lungs of the world’.

Give geographical reason.

The forests in Brazil are called the lungs of the world.

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  1. Evergreen forests are found in the regions where there is heavy rainfall throughout the year.
  2. Due to the evergreen rainforests in Brazil, a large amount of oxygen is released in the environment.
  3. This reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the environment.
    Therefore, Evergreen rainforests in Brazil are called the ‘lungs of the world’.
Concept: Natural Vegetation of Brazil
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SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 10th Standard SSC Social Science Geography Maharashtra State Board 2021
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Give geographical reasons | Q 6

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