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The Electric Field at the Origin is Along the Positive X-axis. a Small Circle is Drawn with the Centre at the Origin, Cutting the Axes at Points A, B, C and D with Coordinates (A, 0), (0, A), (−A, 0), - Physics


The electric field at the origin is along the positive x-axis. A small circle is drawn with the centre at the origin, cutting the axes at points A, B, C and D with coordinates (a, 0), (0, a), (−a, 0), (0, −a), respectively. Out of the points on the periphery of the circle, the potential is minimum at  


  • A

  • B

  • C

  • D

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The potential due to a charge decreases along the direction of electric field. As the electric field is along the positive x-axis, the potential will decrease in this direction. Therefore, the potential is minimum at point (a,0). 

Concept: Electric Field - Electric Field Due to a System of Charges
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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 7 Electric Field and Potential
MCQ | Q 5 | Page 120
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