The Election of Your Village ‘Gram Panchayat’ is Just Over. You Have to Take an Interview of the Newly Elected ‘Sarpanch’. - English

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Answer in Brief

The election of your village ‘Gram Panchayat’ is just over. You have to take an interview of the newly elected ‘Sarpanch’. Frame at least 8 questions related to his future planning for the welfare of your village.

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(i) Sir, congratulations on your election as a sarpanch of our village. How did you manage to succeed in spite of the stiff opposition?
(ii) Have you always been interested in the politics of this village?
(iii) You have a term of 5 years. What is the most important project you have in mind?
(iv) Are you going to give education to the girl child priority?
(v) What other things do you plan to do in the village?
(vi) The village needs a school and a hospital, will you influence the authorities to provide the funds for a school and a hospital.
(vii) Many unwanted incidents had occurred in the past few months. Do you have any investigation plans to improve the law and order situation in this village?
(viii) Many complain of severe alcoholism in this village. What do you intend to do to deter men especially form the evils of alcohol?
Concept: Interview Questions
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