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The Dramatic Changes in Body Features Associated with Puberty Are Mainly Because of the Secretions of : (A) Estrogen from Testes and Testosterone from Ovary (B) Estrogen from Adrenal Gland and Testosterone from Pituitary Gland (C) Testosterone from Testes and Estrogen from Ovary (D) Testosterone from Thyroid Gland and Estrogen from Pituitary Gland - Science

The dramatic changes in body features associated with puberty are mainly because of the secretions of :
(a) estrogen from testes and testosterone from ovary
(b) estrogen from adrenal gland and testosterone from pituitary gland
(c) testosterone from testes and estrogen from ovary
(d) testosterone from thyroid gland and estrogen from pituitary gland

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(c) testosterone from the testes and estrogen from the ovary

The dramatic changes in the body features associated with puberty are mainly due to the secretion of testosterone from the testes (in male) and estrogen from the ovary (in female).

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Q 84 | Page 119
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