The Direction to Hold Floor Test to Prove Majority in the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand , to Be Held on 10th May, 2016 Has Been Given on 6th May, 2016 , by : - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Choose the most appropriate option:

The direction to hold floor test to prove majority in the Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand, to be held on 10th May 2016 has been given on 6th May 2016, by :


  • The Governor of Uttarakhand

  • The Supreme Court of India

  • The High Court of Uttarakhand

  • The President of India



The Supreme Court of India


Congress leader Harish Rawat is all set to be reinstated as chief minister of Uttarakhand, over six weeks after he was ousted by the Centre, with the Supreme Court putting its stamp of approval on the floor test in the state assembly.

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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2015-2016 (May) Set 1


The 17th Commonwealth Law Conference was held in which city?

Choose the most appropriate option:

Who is the Chairperson of NITI Aayog?

Which Indian state has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha?

This country has voted against a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution on the use of the death penalty.

Under which provision did the U.S. revoke the duty-free imports on 50 Indian products?

Mahalwari System of Revenue Settlement was introduced in which of the following?

Right to travel is a fundamental right under

International Court of Justice is:

The strength of the Council of Ministers:

The provision under which the Supreme Court can grant  ‘special leave’ to appeal against decisions of lower courts  and tribunals is contained in:

The right to vote in India is a

Whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not is certified by the____  and his decision is conclusive.

The maximum duration of the zero hour in Lok Sabha can be

Which of the following statements is/are not correct about the Objectives Resolution?
I. It was moved by Jawaharlal Nehru in the Constituent  Assembly. 
II. It called for just right for minorities. 
III. It formed the basis for the chapter on Fundamental  Rights. 
IV. It called for the establishment of a socialist and secular polity. 

Money bills can be introduced in the State Legislature with  the prior consent of the

A political party is recognised by the Election Commission  only if

I. it has been engaged in political activity for a  continuous period of five years. 
II. has returned at least one member of the Lok Sabha for every 25 members of that House or any fraction of that number elected from that State. 
III. has polled not less than six percent of the total number of valid votes polled by all contesting candidates at the general elections. 
IV. has contested elections in four or more states in three consecutive general elections. 

The Constitution (One Hundred Seventeenth Amendment)  Bill, 2012 makes provisions regarding

Who decides whether a Member of Parliament is subject to any disqualification?

Who among the following was the first Law Minister of India?

India’s first Chairperson of Lokpal is:

Article ______ of the Constitution of India deals with freedom to manage religious affairs.

Who among the following is not a former President of India?

Which of the following is the smallest Union Territory of India in terms of area?

How many members are nominated by the President of India in the Lok Sabha from the Anglo-Indian community?

Who was the first and only acting PM of India?

Who among the following is called the 'Father of Local Self Government' in India?

A revised version of the 'India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement' was adopted by the two countries under which amendment to the Constitution of India?

As per the Constitution of India, which of the following is NOT an eligibility criteria for the appointment of a State Governor?

Panchayati Raj comes under ______.

Which among the following former Soviet Union Republics is not a NATO member?


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