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The Direction of Current Flowing in the Coil of an Electromagnet at Its Two Ends X and Y Are as Shown Below: - Science

The direction of current flowing in the coil of an electromagnet at its two ends X and Y are as shown below:  


 What is the polarity of end X?

What is the polarity of end Y?   

Name and state the rule which you have used to determine the polarities. 

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 The polarity of end X is south because current is flowing in clockwise direction at this end. 

 The polarity of end Y is north because current is flowing in anticlockwise direction at this end.

We have used clock face rule to determine the polarities.

  Is there an error in this question or solution?
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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Q 42 | Page 84
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