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The Diameters of the Front and Rear Wheels of a Tractor Are 80 Cm and 2 M Respectively. Find the Number of Revolutions that a Rear Wheel Makes to Cover the Distance Which the Front Wheel - Mathematics


The diameters of the front and rear wheels of a tractor are 80 cm and 2 m respectively. Find the number of revolutions that a rear wheel makes to cover the distance which the front wheel covers is 800 revolutions.

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Radius of the front wheel = 40 cm = 2/5 m

Circumference of the front wheel `= (2pixx2/5)"m" = (4pi)/5 "m"`

Distance covered by the front wheel in 800 revolutions `=((4pi)/5 xx800)"m" = (640pi)"m"`

Radius of the rear wheel = 1 m

Circumference of the rear wheel `= (2pixx1) =2pi  "m" `

∴ Required number of revolutions `"=Distance covered by the front wheel in 800 revolutions"/"Circumference of the rear wheel"`

`= (640pi)/(2pi)`

= 320

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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 18 Area of Circle, Sector and Segment
Exercise 18B | Q 35 | Page 833
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