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The Diagram Shows a Coil Wound Around a U Shape Soft Iron Bar Ab What is the Polarity Induced at the Ends a and B When the Switch is Pressed? Suggest One Way to Strengthen the Magnetic Field in the Electromagnet What Will Be the Polarities at a and B If the Direction of Current is Reversed in the Circuit? - Physics

The diagram shows a coil wound around a U shape soft iron bar AB.

1) What is the polarity induced at the ends A and B when the switch is pressed?

2) Suggest one way to strengthen the magnetic field in the electromagnet

3) What will be the polarities at A & B if the direction of current is reversed in the circuit?

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1) A - South, B - North

2) Increasing the number of turns of coils, increasing current.

3) A-North, B - South

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