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The Diagram Given Below Represents a Stage During Cell Division Identify Whether It is a Plant Cell Or an Animal Cell. Give a Reason in Support of Your Answer. and Name the Stage Depicted in the Diagram. What is the Unique Feature Observed in this Stage? - Introduction of Cell Division

The diagram given below represents a stage during cell division

Study the same and answer the questions that follow:

1) Identify whether it is a plant cell or an animal cell. Give a reason in support of your answer.

2) Name the stage depicted in the diagram. What is the unique feature observed in this stage?

3) Name the type of cell division that occurs during :

a)  Replacement of old leaves by new ones

b)  Formation of gametes

4) What is the stage that comes before the stage shown in the diagram?

5) Draw a neat, labelled diagram of the stage mentioned in (iv) above keeping the chromosome number constant.

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1) Animals cell. Because it lacks cell-wall.

2) Metaphase. Chromosomes lined up in one plane at the equator

3) a. Mitotic cell division

b. Meiosis (Reductional) cell division

4) Prophase comes before metaphase


Concept: Introduction of Cell Division
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