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The Diagram Alongside Represents a Structure Found in a Leaf. Study the Same and Answer the Questions that Follow: - Biology

Answer in Brief

The diagram alongside represents a structure found in a leaf. Study the same and answer the questions that follow:
(i) Name the parts labeled A and B.
(ii) What is the biological term for the above structure?
(iii) What is the function of the part labeled A?
(iv) Mention two structural features of A, which help in the function mentioned in (iii) above?
(v) Where is this structure likely to be found in a leaf?
(vi) The structure (fig.5.22) helps in the process of transpiration. Explain the term transpiration.
(vii) How many other cells are found surrounding this structure as seen in the diagram?

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(i) A = Guard cell
B = Stomatal aperture
(ii) Stomata
(iii) The function of the guard cells are that they help to regulate the rate of transpiration by opening and closing the stomata thus preventing excessive water loss.
(iv) The two structural features of guard cells are :
1.The guard cells have thin outer wall and thick inner wall.
2. Guard cells contain chloroplast in their cytoplasm.
(v) These are present on the lower surface of the dorsiventral leaf.
(vi) Transpiration is the loss of water in the form of water vapour from aerial parts of the plant.
(vii) Five

Concept: Significance of Transpiration
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 5 Transpiration
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 63
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