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The Diagonal of a Quadrilateral Shaped Field is 24 M and the Perpendiculars Dropped on It from the Remaining Opposite Vertices Are 8 M and 13 M. Find the Area of the Field. - Mathematics

The diagonal of a quadrilateral shaped field is 24 m and the perpendiculars dropped on it from the remaining opposite vertices are 8 m and 13 m. Find the area of the field.

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It is given that,

Length of the diagonal, = 24 m

Length of the perpendiculars, h1 and h2, from the opposite vertices to the diagonal are h1 = 8 m and h2 = 13 m

Area of the quadrilateral = `1/2 d(h_1 + h_2)`

= `1/2` (24m) x (13m + 8cm)

= `1/2` (24 m)(21 m)

= 252 `m^2`

Thus, the area of the field is 252 m2.

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NCERT Class 8 Maths Textbook
Chapter 11 Mensuration
Exercise 11.2 | Q 4 | Page 178
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