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“The Date of Examination Was Declared ___ I Was Horrified ___ My Parents Helped Me ____ Reached the Examination Centre ____ Examination Commenced ___ Took a Sigh of Relief ___ Stood First in the Class. - English - Language and Literature

“The date of examination was declared ________ I was horrified _________ My parents helped me _________ reached the examination centre _________ examination commenced _________ took a sigh of relief _________ stood first in the class.

The hints of the story are given above. You can start the story by using hints with your own ideas but you cannot change the end. Write the story in 150-200 words.

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The date of final examinations was declared, and it was our last exam. I was awake the night before the exam and slept at 5 in the morning for some rest. I had put an alarm for 8 a.m, as the exam was scheduled to start at 10. All of a sudden I opened my eyes, and it was 9.30. I panicked and started crying, as there was no chance that I could have reached the centre on time. My parents thought that I was getting ready, so they didn't come to wake me up. So my parents decided to drop me at the examination centre before they left for their office. On the way, we got stuck in the traffic, and there seemed no way out to get out of the traffic. Only 10 minutes left for the exam to start. Finally, I decided to run towards the centre. When I reached the examination centre, I was already ten minutes late. Initially, the teacher did not allow me to enter. I pleaded her, but she did not listen. Finally, my father came and requested the teacher, and she eventually agreed. The examination commenced and I took a sigh of relief. And when the results came, I had scored the highest in this subject and also stood first in my class.

Concept: Writing Skill
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