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The Captain of a Cricket Team of 11 Players is 26 Yr Old and the Wicket-keeper is 3 Yr Older. If the Ages of These Two Are Excluded, the Average Age of the Remaining Players is One Year Less than the - Mathematics


The captain of a cricket team of 11 players is 26 yr old and the wicket-keeper is 3 yr older. If the ages of these two are excluded, the average age of the remaining players is one year less than the average age of the whole team. What is the average of the team?


  • 23 yr

  • 24 yr

  • 25 yr

  • None of these

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23 yr
Let the average age of the whole team be xyr.
∴ 11x - (26 + 29) = 9(x- 1)
⇒  11x - 9x = 46
⇒  2x = 46
⇒  x = 23
So, the average age of the team is 23 yr.

Concept: Average and Age
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