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The Bulk Modulus and the Density of Water Are Greater than Those of Air. with this Much of Information, We Can Say that Velocity of Sound in Air - Physics


The bulk modulus and the density of water are greater than those of air. With this much of information, we can say that velocity of sound in air


  • is larger than its value in water

  • is smaller than its value in water

  •  is equal to its value in water

  • cannot be compared with its value in water.

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cannot be compared with its value in water.

If is the bulk modulus and ρ is the density, then the velocity of sound is given by:

\[Velocity = \sqrt{\frac{B}{\rho}}\]

If both B and ρ are greater, then we cannot compare \[\frac{2B}{2\rho} = \frac{3B}{3\rho} = \frac{B}{\rho}\]

For proper comparison, we need numerical values.

Concept: Wave Motion
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HC Verma Class 11, 12 Concepts of Physics 1
Chapter 16 Sound Waves
MCQ | Q 3 | Page 351
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