The Birthday of Ms. Y Was Celebrated Six Days before Ms. X, Who Was Born on 4th October 1999. - Logical Reasoning

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Choose the most appropriate option for the following question.

The birthday of Ms. Y was celebrated six days before Ms. X, who was born on 4th October 1999. The independence day of that year fell on Sunday. On which day did Ms. Y celebrate her birthday, if it was not a leap year?


  • Wednesday

  • Sunday

  • Tuesday

  • Monday

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Ms. X birthday = 4th October

and Ms. Y birthday = 28th september

Given, 15 August was on Sunday 

Now, calculating odd days.

August (16 days left) = 2 odd days and 

September (till 28th) = 0 odd day

i.e. 2 odd days

So, Ms. Y was born 2 days after Sunday = Tuesday

Concept: Clock and Calender (Entrance Exam)
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