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The Annual Investments of a Family Are Shown in the Adjacent Pie Diagram. Answer the Following Questions Based on It.(1) If the Investment in Shares is Rs 2000/, Find the Total Investment. - Algebra

The annual investments of a family are shown in the adjacent pie diagram. Answer the following questions based on it.
(1) If the investment in shares is Rs 2000/, find the total investment.
(2) How much amount is deposited in bank ?
(3) How much more money is invested in immovable property than in mutual fund ?
(4) How much amount is invested in post ?

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Money invested in shares = Rs 2000
\[\Rightarrow \frac{60^\circ}{360^\circ} \times \text{ Total investment }= 2000\]
\[ \Rightarrow\text{ Total investment }= \frac{360^\circ}{60^\circ} \times 2000\]
\[ = Rs 12000\]
Money invested in bank​

\[= \frac{90^\circ}{360^\circ} \times\text{ Total investment }\]
\[= \frac{1}{4} \times 12000\]
= Rs 3000
Difference in the central angle between immovable property and mutual fund = 120º − 60º
= 60º
Therefore, required mooney
\[= \frac{60^\circ}{360^\circ} \times\text{ Total investment }\]
\[= \frac{1}{6} \times 12000\]
= Rs 2000
Money invested in post​
\[= \frac{30^\circ}{360^\circ} \times\text{ Total investment }\]
\[= \frac{1}{12} \times 12000\]

= Rs 1000

Concept: Concept of Pie Graph (Or a Circle-graph)
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Balbharati Mathematics 1 Algebra 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Statistics
Practice Set 6.6 | Q 6 | Page 164
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