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The Amplification Factor of a Triode Operating in the Linear Region Depends Strongly on - Physics

Fill in the Blanks

The amplification factor of a triode operating in the linear region depends strongly on ____________ .


  • the temperature of the cathode

  • the plate potential

  • the grid potential

  • the separations of the grid from the cathode and the anode

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the separations of the grid from the cathode and the anode


When the triode operating in the linear region, value of plate voltage, grid voltage and plate current is already specified (or fixed). If the grid is near the cathode, then we assume that grid lie in the region where the space charge density is more. There is a chance that grid will pick up electrons from the space charge region of cathode and effect the plate current and hence amplification factor (as we know that amplification factor will depend on the plate current). If the grid is far from the cathode, it will reduce the grid voltage and hence the amplification factor also get affected.

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HC Verma Class 11, Class 12 Concepts of Physics Vol. 2
Chapter 19 Electric Current through Gases
Q 9 | Page 352
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