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The Age Groups and the Number of Persons in the Age Groups, Who Donated Blood in Blood Donation Camp is Given Below. Find the Measures of Central Angles to Show the Information by a Pie Diagram. - Algebra

The age groups and the number of persons in the age groups, who donated blood in blood donation camp is given below. Find the measures of central angles to show the information by a pie diagram.

Age group (Years) 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40
No of persons 80 60 35 25
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Age Group (Yrs.) No. of persons Measure of central angle
20-25 80 `80/200xx360=144^0`
25-30 60 `60/200xx360=108^0`
30-35 35 `35/200xx360 =63^0`
35-40 25 `25/200xx360=45^0`
Total 200  
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