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The Adjoining Figure Represents a Solid Consisting of a Cylinder Surmounted by a Cone at One End and a Hemisphere at the Other. Find the Volume of the Solid. - Mathematics


The adjoining figure represents a solid consisting of a cylinder surmounted by a cone at one end and a hemisphere at the other. Find the volume of the solid.

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Diameter of the cylindrical part =7 cm
Therefore,radius of the cylindrical part = 3.5 cm

Volume of hemisphere `= 2/3pir^3 = 2/3xx22/7xx3.5xx3.5xx3.5 = 89.83  "cm"^3`

Volume of the cylinder`= pir^2h =22/7xx3.5xx3.5xx6.5 = 250.25  "cm"^3`

Height of cone 

= 12.8 - 6.5 = 6.3 cm

Volume of the cone `=1/3pir^2h =1/3xx22/7xx3.5xx3.5xx6.3 = 80.85  "cm"^3`

Total volume `= 89.83 + 250.25 + 80.85 = 420.93  "cm"^3`

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RS Aggarwal Secondary School Class 10 Maths
Chapter 19 Volume and Surface Area of Solids
Exercise 17A | Q 27 | Page 763
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